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Top 20% Of Most Active Trademark Litigation Firms in the United States!

You are trying to find a law firm that handles trademark infringement and other trademark legal needs.  Perhaps you are looking at other law firms who say they handle trademarks, but are concerned because they claim to specialize in just about every other area of the law as well.  Instinctively, you are probably thinking that it would difficult for someone to be good at everything (…you are correct!).

Perhaps you are talking to a large firm with hundreds of lawyers each of whom really do focus on their particular area of the law.  Yes, the firm could be a one-stop-shop for all your legal needs, but you just aren’t sold on paying several hundreds (sometimes thousands) of dollars per hour for the convenience they offer (….again, you are correct – you shouldn’t!).

With TKLG you can rest assured that we not only offer reasonable rates, but we are truly focused on the practice of trademark law.  Although we may be a smaller firm, we successfully litigate against some of the largest firms in the country.  You don’t have to take our word for it either because TKLG was recently ranked in the top twenty percent of the most active law firms in the entire United States for the area of trademark litigation.  That means you can rest assured that you will be working with a lawyer who knows the trademark laws backwards and forwards, yet incurring reasonable fees along the way.  So give us a call today – we would love to work with you.

* Top twenty percent ranking is based upon the records of the DocketNavigtor service from June 2020.  According to the DocketNavigtor website, the company has legal editors who curate litigation data by hand, recording up to 29 different types of data for each court document and up to 19 different types of data for each case resulting in the most detailed, most accurate, and most comprehensive litigation database available.