Our trademark attorney flat fee for responding to an Office Action from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.  Our flat fee varies depending upon the nature of the Office Action because some Office Actions raise issues that are non-substantive in nature (i.e., issues with descriptions of the mark, color claims, descriptions of goods/services, requests for information and the like) while other Office Actions raise issues that are substantive in nature (i.e., refusals on grounds of likelihood of confusion, merely descriptive refusals, rejections of evidence of use, and the like).  A trademark attorney with The Kinder Law Group will review and evaluate the official correspondence from U.S. Patent and Trademark Office “Office Action,” consult with you regarding the strategy for overcoming the refusal, prepare and file the response, and undertake phone conferences as needed with the Examining Attorney. The Kinder Law Group has successfully overcome numerous refusals and can give you an honest evaluation of the likelihood of overcoming the refusal before you proceed. Send us an email below to get started.

Flat Fee Ranges
$250-$450 (Non-Substantive)
$650-$850 (Substantive)


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