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Orange County Intellectual Property Attorney

Orange County Intellectual Property Lawyers

According to California law, intellectual property is considered a creation of the mind. This can range from anything, such as business and trade secrets, to an invention someone created. Because intellectual property is often abstract, it can be easier for someone to try to steal it or make it their own. That’s why having an intellectual property lawyer to help you protect what you’ve created is so important.

Orange County Intellectual Property Attorney

The Kinder Law Group: Orange County’s Experts on Intellectual Property Law

Here at The Kinder Law Group, we understand how complicated protecting intellectual property can be. So, we have dedicated our practice to serving people who need help safeguarding their creations. For over ten years, our firm has provided a multitude of legal services, from litigation to patent protection across Southern California. Our team has extensive knowledge of intellectual property law and can work with you to fight for a solution to protect your property the way you deserve. No other Orange County intellectual property lawyers can provide you with the care and dedication our attorneys can.

What Is Intellectual Property Law?

Intellectual property, otherwise known as IP, is a creation of the mind or “human intellect.” There is a wide range of intellectual property that can be created in California, including:

  • Inventions
  • Ideas
  • Designs
  • Films
  • Symbols
  • Logos
  • Music
  • Written works
  • Art
  • Trade secrets
  • Phrases
  • Software

Intellectual property law deals with protecting these different creations of the mind legally. Due to IP often being an idea, it can be easier for others to try to claim it was their own. Companies, creators, and artists protect their work through IP law, such as with a patent or trademark. Intellectual property law can assign ownership of a creation, even if it’s a simple idea, so that others cannot take it and pass it off as their own.

What Are the Different Types of Intellectual Property (IP)?

California law recognizes four main types of intellectual property:

  1. Patents. A patent is a form of protection and ownership granted to the creator of an original invention for a limited time. Patents give the sole authority of an invention to the person who made it, which prevents other people and businesses from trying to make their own versions and sell them. There are three main kinds of patents:
    • Utility patents. These are one of the first subsections of patents created and are still some of the most commonly used today. These patents are used for practical and useful creations, such as pharmaceuticals and technical software.
    • Design patents are a bit less common but still used often. These kinds of patents are made specifically to protect original designs. For example, one of the most iconic designs of a food or drink product is the classic Coca-Cola bottle. This sleek design is protected by a design patent through Coca-Cola, which means other companies can’t steal the shape of its bottle.
    • Plant patents, which are used when someone discovers or creates a new variety of a plant. They grant temporary ownership to the creator or founder and offer the same protections as other patents would.
  2. Trademarks, which protect specific types of intellectual property such as phrases, logos, and designs. They are often used to protect a company’s or brand’s aesthetic or image. For example, the logos of most popular social media platforms and companies are trademarked, from Twitter to Starbucks. Trademarks can even protect the specific font used by a brand. They also differ from patents in that they can protect multiple designs and ideas simultaneously, whereas a patent is granted to only one invention.
  3. Copyrights, which are similar to patents in that they protect a wide range of intellectual property. However, they differ in that copyrights can only be used for “tangible” creations. This means that ideas and concepts cannot be copyrighted, but physical creations such as poems, songs, books, and blueprints can be. In addition, copyrighting gives all ownership to the creator who filed for it, preventing others from trying to sell these works or reproduce them for their own profit.
  4. Trade secrets, which are different from other forms of intellectual property because they are not public. To be considered a trade secret, this piece of intellectual property has to have some sort of economic value and importance to a company that would affect the company if it was shared. For example, recipes, formulas, and even strategic processes can be considered and protected as trade secrets.

Why Hire an Intellectual Property Lawyer?

Hiring an experienced intellectual property attorney can help you in a variety of ways, including by:
  • Protecting Your Ideas
    Most people choose to hire an intellectual property lawyer to help them protect their original ideas and creations. If you create something, you deserve the recognition and authority to do what you wish with it. An IP lawyer can help you determine what form of protection is best for you and help you claim it.
  • Ensuring You’re Not Taken Advantage Of
    Sometimes companies try to buy an idea or invention from the original creator. While sometimes this is beneficial to the creator, sometimes big businesses can take advantage of them. Hiring an experienced IP lawyer will ensure that you and your ideas are not taken advantage of, and if you want to sell them, they’ll work to make sure you are compensated fairly.
  • Having Extensive Knowledge of the Law
    An intellectual property lawyer also has an extensive knowledge of the law and IP, which helps them help you to protect your ideas. With their knowledge and experience, hiring an attorney helps provide you with the comfort that your ideas are protected. Your attorney can also represent you in litigation if a business tries to come for your ideas.

Talk to an Intellectual Property Attorney You Can Trust

Protecting your ideas is essential. Here at The Kinder Law Group, we are dedicated to helping creators protect their intellectual property and keep ownership of what is theirs. To learn more about our attorneys and the services we provide, feel free to contact us today.