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Orange County Franchise and Licensing Attorney

Whether you are horizontally expanding the reach of your business by licensing to businesses in other cities, states or countries, or vertically expanding by licensing related and unrelated products and services, the attorneys at TKLG can assist your company by safeguarding your business and legal interests. We can also help as your company grows through strategic alliances, joint ventures, research and development agreements, and manufacturing, franchise and distribution, dealer, OEM, and supply agreements.

Our due diligence examinations and reviews will confirm the value of the portfolios you intend to acquire. We assist clients in drafting and negotiating software licenses, research and development agreements, and manufacturing, distribution, dealer, OEM, supply agreements, copyright and trade secret agreements.

We also have substantial experience and expertise in representing franchisees with both pre-purchase evaluations and litigating franchise disputes that arise during the franchise relationship. Our attorneys are among a select few California lawyers who have actually taken a franchise dispute all the way through to a full jury trial and obtained a substantial verdict including significant punitive damages against both the company and the owner.