Our trademark attorney flat fee for comprehensive trademark clearance search.  An attorney with The Kinder Law Group will conduct a full clearance search that is as comprehensive in nature as the clearance searches that are used by large Fortune 500 companies.  The cost is higher than our in-house clearance search because The Kinder Law Group uses the leading U.S. third party database company to obtain a comprehensive database search.  The databases cover all available U.S. Trademark Office records, U.S. Secretary of State records (all 50 states), multiple common law, business name and domain name database records, and more. A trademark attorney with The Kinder Law Group will review and analyze the results and provide you with a written report and recommendation.  Standard turnaround time is 4 business days to obtain report from vendor and 2 business days for a trademark attorney to review and analyze. The trademark attorney flat fee includes the cost of the search report from our third party vendor.  Send us an email below to get started.

Flat Fee: $1,250


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