The Kinder Law Group is dedicated to assisting clients with their branding and intellectual property needs.  From registering trademarks and copyrights, to developing trade secret protection programs, and guiding on all aspects of marketing and advertising, The Kinder Law Group can help your business with all of your needs.  The Kinder Law Group handles both transactional and litigation matters involving trademarks, copyrights, patents, trade secrets, unfair competition, right of publicity laws, advertising, franchise and product distribution matters. Our lawyers are experienced and prepared to assist you with any of your legal needs in these areas, no matter how simple or complex. Learn more about our attorneys below:


Brian P. Kinder               |               Michael S. Doll



If You Have a Brand, We’ll Protect It.®

As intellectual property attorneys, it is difficult to comprehend why some companies don’t “do” branding – think of the building signs that read “Salon” or “Mattresses” or “Liquor.”   From our perspective, a company’s brand name, product/service names, logos and slogans are the things that set it apart from the competition.  Your customers don’t just rely on them to forge their own brand loyalty, they use them to refer other customers to you.  The most successful businesses understand this and treat their brand as the most valuable asset of their company.  If your company falls into that category, then there is nobody better to help protect your brand than The Kinder Law Group.  And it doesn’t matter what kinds of products or services you sell or offer, what industry segment you occupy, or the size of your business.  As we say in our slogan….if you have a brand, we’ll protect it!


“Honesty. Integrity. Excellence. Value.”

These words are more than a slogan, they are the four pillars upon which The Kinder Law Group founded back in 2011.

It Begins With Honesty.  Can you give me your honest opinion?  Yes, we can.  At The Kinder Law Group, we pride ourselves on the partnerships we form with our clients.  Whether we are strategizing with a client on a name for a new product, re-tooling a company slogan, determining how to best respond to a cease and desist letter, or filing a trademark infringement lawsuit, we will always give you our honest opinion and recommendation. 

Commitment to Integrity.  As important as honesty, our commitment to integrity is about unimpaired wholeness.  There are many firms that make decisions based, perhaps in part, on what is best for the firm’s bottom line.  Not TKLG.  We are committed to providing exceptional results with regard to both transactional and litigation matters involving trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, unfair competition, right of publicity, advertising, franchise and product distribution matters.  Our bottom line is you.

Focused Excellence. With a focus exclusively in the area of intellectual property law and exceptional expertise in the area of trademark law.  Indeed, the founder of the firm is consistently recognized by one of the leading online attorney ranking services ( as the number one attorney in California for both Trademark Applications and Trademark Infringement.  

National Firm Experience, Small Firm Value.  The founding partner of The Kinder Law Group worked at one of the largest, multinational law firms in the nation.  As you may know from working with large firms, the attorneys come with correspondingly large hourly rates.  With The Kinder Law Group, however, you get the benefit of working with experienced lawyers, but with rates that are easier on your budget.