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Orange County Copyright Protection Attorney

They are everywhere and embedded in everything. Your business uses them and creates them every day.  In this fast-paced digital age, they are more easily infringed than ever.  They are copyrights and they can be the springboard to your company acquiring significant intellectual property holdings or the thorn in the paw that slows the pace of your company’s progress.

From the photographs, videos, websites and brochures that you use to promote your products and services, to your products and services themselves, such as artwork, software, architectural plans and fabric designs, every business potentially owns valuable copyright rights in their creative works. The Kinder Law Group is well-versed in creating protection, enforcement and licensing protocols to assist your company. We work with your company to identify, register and protect your valuable copyright rights as well as license and enforce the same to enhance the value and profits to your business.

Our professionals counsel a wide variety of clients ranging from individual artists, manufacturers and publishers to Internet and software companies.  We can help your business too.  Call us today for a free consultation at (949) 216-3070 or send us an email.

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