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Orange County Trade Secret Misappropriation Lawyer

The attorneys at The Kinder Law Group (TKLG) have more than a decade of experience handling both the transactional and litigation aspects of trade secret protection. On the transactional side, TKLG combines a wealth of technological knowledge with strong expertise in intellectual property law. Our goal is to craft an approach to protecting your company’s valuable secrets that not only makes practical and economic sense, but also enhances your ability to protect your rights in the future. Our attorneys regularly craft non-disclosure and non-competition agreements aimed at creating, developing and commercializing the products and services of our clients.

The experience of TKLG on the transactional side only sharpens our skills when the need arises to enforce or defend our clients through litigation. The attorneys at TKLG have a wealth of knowledge concerning the prosecution and defense of claims arising out of customer lists, proprietary designs, license agreements, non-competition agreements and confidentiality agreements – all of which are the cornerstones of most litigation arising out of this area of the law.

The attorneys at TKLG also understand that trade secret disputes are often times not only financially damaging to a company, but are also personally and emotionally charged. Companies do not typically share trade secret information with others unless the relationship is built upon a foundation of trust. Therefore, when a dispute arises, it is generally the result of a shattered personal business relationship. These cases typically turn on the specific facts as evidenced by the fact that the attorneys at TKLG have both successfully defended claims against a professional arising from allegations of misappropriation of proprietary and trade secret client information by a former employer as well as successfully prosecuted the same type of claims against former employees on behalf of an employer.

Regardless of which side of the case you find yourself, our attorneys are experienced in all phases of trade secret litigation, from the investigation stage to preliminary injunctions and all the way through to discovery and law and motion. And while our goal is always to try to craft a pragmatic, business minded resolution early in any case, our experience as trial attorneys means that we will see the matter all the way through to trial and even appeal where necessary. Having successfully litigated both sides of these crucial business disputes, the attorneys at TKLG can help clients resolve these often emotional and trying disputes.