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International Trademarks

Type in the domain name for just about any country in the world plus the word trademark or trademarks and you will find The Kinder Law Group. Seriously….go ahead….give it a try! (okay, we couldn’t get the plural version of that one).

Not only do we reside at just about every domain name in the world, but we also know how to protect your trademark throughout the world better than anyone else in the world. In fact, we have handled trademark matters in over 120 countries around the world. And, we do it for far less than our competition – those large multinational law firms with equally large overhead and correspondingly high hourly rates. In fact, the rates of our competitors are so high that they typically push the bulk of the work down to paralegals rather than having a trademark attorney handling your matters.

Call us today and find out how much your company could save by having a trademark attorney at TKLG handle your international portfolio.