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No matter the industry, good business thrives on good ideas. Good ideas are the most valuable building tools for your business, from carrying out a new production tactic to developing a revolutionary product or even improving a process within your organization. For many, a new idea can be the start of their own career, allowing them to create a business based on their discovery or invention.

The most frustrating thing about having a good idea is that many others may want that knowledge to use themselves. While certain ideas are worth sharing, protecting your own intellectual properties can ensure you are able to develop them into a business plan that could be the beginning of a new career. All good ideas should be guarded with the proper legal documentation, whether it is a patent, copyright, or trademark, for you to make the most out of pursuing a career or business model with your idea. You also need the proper legal team to help ensure your idea is properly protected in San Bernardino, CA.

Intellectual property law is a complex system that requires an expert hand to navigate. Most company start-ups or small businesses will not have the necessary resources to bring in an in-house attorney knowledgeable in intellectual protection. Luckily, The Kinder Law Group is standing by to offer the legal advice and assistance your business needs to keep your ideas safe and in your possession.

The Kinder Law Group: Your San Bernardino Intellectual Property Attorneys

The Kinder Law Group team has years of experience protecting the ideas and IPs of companies throughout Southern California and in the San Bernardino area. We understand that a great idea can lead others to copy or even steal a groundbreaking discovery to keep up with their competition. But when that idea is the livelihood of your business, you cannot take any risks.

Our team of attorneys is here to assist you in filing for legal protection of your IP, as well as fight for you in court to take back what is rightfully yours and ensure your IP stays in your possession. We combine expertise and compassion to defend your rights and IPs in the courtroom and will be with you every step of the way when protecting your intellectual property.

Our team is just as driven, no matter how competitive the business world is. We pride ourselves on our tenacity when protecting clients and work fiercely to get our clients the protections they deserve. Our understanding of a variety of industries means we have the expertise to ensure you receive all the legal protections you need for your business to continue to be competitive in your industry.

What Is Intellectual Property?

Intellectual property, also known as an IP, covers a lot of territories but essentially is considered any specific creation of the mind. Examples of an IP include a product design, an invention, or even things like a specific artistic pursuit like a song or film idea. Intellectual property is so varied because it is anything you can imagine or dream up that you can turn into a physical reality.

Some of the most common examples of an IP are:

  • Written work like a book, poem, or article
  • Songs and other musical compositions
  • Artistic or product designs, like a company logo or a new car model
  • Technological advancements and inventions like specific software
  • Trade secrets
  • Ideas

A trademark attorney’s goal is to protect these ideas and subsequent products from being stolen by another individual or business. The creator of an IP can legally claim and profit from any of their intellectual property, but for this safety net, the individual has to go through proper legal steps.

Why Do I Need an Intellectual Property Attorney?

Your intellectual property can be your ticket to a large sum of money and the start of a future business or company. Similarly, it can give you competitive advantages within your industry. So, to protect these potential earnings, you will need legal assistance in creating the proper trademark and copyright claims to make sure your ideas aren’t leaked or stolen before they are properly protected.

As part of copyright and trademark laws, you have the legal right to act if your intellectual property is stolen. An intellectual property attorney will assist when creating the proper paperwork and documentation needed to invoke these rights.

With the assistance of a trademark attorney, you will be able to secure the official legal protections your intellectual property needs, as well as protection for the resulting products.

It can be difficult to defend your intellectual property without legal assistance and support. However, with the proper team of attorneys supporting and protecting your ideas, you can ensure all forms and legal avenues are completed correctly and adjusted as necessary. Similarly, an intellectual property attorney will know the proper steps to take if action is needed to ensure your advantages in the market if someone does infringe on your intellectual property.

What Is The Difference Between A Trademark, A Copyright, And A Patent?

When pursuing IP protection, there are three main avenues to securing protection. Copyright is in place to specifically protect artistic and original works. This means that anything like literature, art, music, or similar created works will be protected under copyright. Any IPs that involve protecting logos, company names, or even slogans fall under trademark law and require trademark protection. For protecting things that are either new inventions and processes or things like medicine, described as compositions of matter, you will need a patent.

An experienced intellectual property attorney will know how to navigate which protection is correct for your IP, and another reason it’s vital to have the expertise of a legal team when pursuing IP protections.

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Intellectual property law can be difficult to navigate, but The Kinder Law Group team is here to help you build the protections your business needs. With years of expertise fighting for clients’ IP rights and protections, we will give you an advantage in all steps of the process, from application to litigation.

Contact The Kinder Law Group today to get started today protecting your IP.

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